used oil refining
used engine oil refining machine
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used oil refining
used engine oil refining machine
used oil refining plant manufacture

CE Standard Used Engine Oil Refining Machine for Waste Oil Purification

  1. The method for Motor Oil Treatment Oil Cracking Process Used Oil Refining Machine is cracking the used oil to diesel fuel. The feature for the cracking process is very safe cause the temperature setting is rigorous and the machines are stabilization. Yangjiang's engineers commit to design the most reasonable and high efficient distillation system to realize the profit maximization of both parties.
  2. The recovery rate:93%-95%, Low chemical cost, only 5-6USD for recycling one ton used oil.

Product Description:

  • There are two ways to manage the spent lube oil, the first is to recycle it into lube base oil, and another method is to crack it in to fuel. The same technology however that distills motor oil from crude oil is essentially the same technology that distills used oil into diesel fuel. The process to re-refine used motor oil is easier than refining crude oil.
  • During processing, gasoline and diesel could be obtained through different distillation temperature ranges. 50-160℃ is the gasoline fraction range, and 160-410℃ is the diesel fraction range. After cracking and cooling, about 2-5% of the liquid is gasoline. Approx 85-90% liquid is similar to diesel and able to meet the specification of -15# diesel. 
  • They’re able to be used as industrial or civil-use fuel, even power-driven fuel. Motor oil is from a fraction after diesel in the oil refining industry, they belong to the same petroleum family having different molecular weight, it is very feasible to produce diesel.


Features of Used Engine Oil Refining Machine:

  1. Low cost, Recycle one ton used oil need only about 5-6USD.
  2. The YJ-DSL series machine is easy to operate, low running cost, it needs only 1-2 workers to operate.
  3. YJ-DSL series can recycle all kinds of used oil. Such as black diesel, used engine oil, used machine oil, used rubber oil, almost all industrial oil and waste plastics oil to diesel fuel. The cracked oil is able to be used as industrial or civil-use fuel, even power-driven fuel.
  4. The entire process is absolutely environmental protection without any smoke and smell.
  5. High-efficiency gas heating system, adopt hot air heating technology, can be heated by fuel oil, natural gas, etc, not only safety but also efficiency is increased in the production processing. Waste gas from the machine will be burned in the distillation chamber, to produce a lot of energy and to save the resources.
  6. High recovery rate: the highest recovery rate can reach 93-95%. Gasoline 2-5%, diesel fuel 85-90%.



Diesel Oil Specifications:

Item Test standard result Standard value
Density(15℃) ASTM D1298 0.84    kg/l ----            kg/l
kinematic viscosity(40℃) ASTM D445 3.36    cst 1.6-5.8         cst
Flash point(closed cup) ASTM D93 60      ℃ ≥55            ℃
Pour point ASTM D97 -19      ℃ ≤ 0             ℃
Distillation temperature
10% point ASTM D86 204      ℃ -----            ℃
50%point   289      ℃ ≤300           ℃
90% point   344      ℃ ≤355           ℃
95% point   359      ℃ ≤365           ℃
Cetane index ASTM D976 54.42 ≥45
Water content ASTM D95 Trace     %vol ≤Trace     %vol
Sulfur content ASTM D1226 0.151      %wt ≤0.2        %wt

Yangjiang will provide professional design and good quality waste engine oil recycling machine, waste oil to base oil distillation machine, diesel oil distillation machine and oil refining machine, etc. If you have any questions or needs about these products, please feel free to contact us.



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