Oil Testers

Oil tester is a newly developed instrument for the determination and analysis of trace moisture. It uses a high-resolution color touch LCD. It is convenient, intuitive and easy to operate. Oil tester adopts a high-performance ARM processor with large data storage, fast and stable operation and excellent anti-jamming performance, which has outstanding advantages of fast detection speed and high accuracy.

The instrument has the function of delayed measurement and is very effective in testing samples with low moisture content. Instrument data storage capacity is large, up to 1000 data records can be stored. The instrument adopts sliding touch stirring speed regulation. The formula for calculating water content includes many algorithms for calculating key parameters such as volume and weight. In the testing process, if the relevant parameters of the calculation formula need to be modified, the results of moisture measurement can be modified in time without affecting. The moisture content can be calculated according to the newly revised parameters, which is convenient for users to use.

The product series of the oil tester include the water content tester, kinematic viscosity tester and carbon residue tester. Yangjiang engineers are committed to research and develop the most advanced technology of oil tester to meet the needs of different customers.