Waste Oil Desulfurization Refining Machine

The waste oil refining plant can recycle the waste oil into yellow base oil, which can not only effectively remove impurities, water, acids, organic acids and inorganic acids, but also remove carbon particulate matter and peroxide. In gasoline/diesel oil, asphalt and colloids and other sludge can be similarly removed, and the color can be changed to gold to remove odors.

The waste oil desulfurization refining machine can quickly remove water and sulfide in oil. The oil it can process includes: waste engine oil, tire oil, plastic oil, bunker oil, and the processed oil will eventually become clean yellow diesel.Yangjiang's desulfurization extraction equipment can reduce the sulfur content of the oil to 80-100ppm.

YANGJIANG Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd takes into consideration the technical feasibility, economic benefits, and ease of operation, narrowing the refining process to a combination of solvent treatment, distillation, hydrotreating, vacuum distillation, clay polishing, chemical treatment, and demetallization. It saves economic costs and improves the efficiency of oil recycling.