Waste Motor Oil Into Base Oil Distillation Machine

The oil distillation machine is produced to distills the waste oil. Waste oil refers to waste lubricating oil replaced from various machinery, vehicles and ships. The production process is due to a large number of colloids and oxides produced by the external pollution during the use of the lubricating oil, which reduces or even loses its functions of controlling friction, reducing wear, cooling and cooling, sealing and isolating, and reducing vibration, and has to be replaced.

After talking about the origin of the waste oil, let's talk about the working process of the oil distillation equipment. This oil distillation machine will use the crude oil that needs deep processing to preheat the crude oil through the oil pump, pump it into the reboiler, and catalyze the heating under negative pressure. The waste oil will be heated to the working temperature by coal-burning fuel oil or gas The steam comes out, the oil and gas enter the condenser through the tower, and the liquefiable part is condensed into refined oil. The non-liquefiable part is sent to the heating system through the gas system and burned. It won’t pollute the environment.

YANGJIANG Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the more famous manufacturers of oil distillation machines. The oil distillation equipment produced by YANGJIANG can handle many types of waste oil. The types of waste oil include waste lubricating oil, waste engine oil, pyrolysis oil, and tire pyrolysis oil. Buying an oil distillation device can handle multiple varieties of oil, which saves the purchase cost of the machine.