Centrifugal Extractor

The centrifugal extractor made by Yangjiang is superior to both gravity and other centrifugal separators currently used in the industry. It starts with a simple design that is easy to operate and maintain. The result is an effective and dependable unit with low operating and maintenance costs. Upon start-up, equilibrium is quickly achieved. The design is tolerant of ratio changes in the incoming phase ratios making it better suited to the varied conditions encountered in process applications. Even changes in incoming flow do not upset the separation. The turndown capability makes the unit ideal for both batch and continuous processing. Cleaning the unit is a simple task using the internal CIP (clean in place) system. This system does not require disassembly and cleans the unit with minimal downtime.

Now the research and development personnel of Yangjiang designed four kinds of centrifugal extractors. They are the New Type Single Stage Centrifugal Extractor with SS304 Stainless Steel Material, Continuous High-Speed Liquid–Liquid Centrifugal Extraction Machine, YANGJIANG New Type Multistage Centrifugal Extractor, High-efficiency Heating Device Combines Electromagnetic Heating, Infrared Heating and Heat Conduction Heating. These products are of high quality and good design. The manufacturer of the centrifugal extractor adopts the best raw components to make these centrifugal extractors.